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Emirates Modern House is a professionally managed printing press with high quality printing & finishing. To ensure your complete satisfaction Emirates Modern House practices total quality management across all areas of operation where you can be sure of a high quality printing & prompt on time delivery at a very competitive price.

Managing Director in Emhpp

Managing Director’s Message

The growth and success of the Emirates Modern House for Printing is absolutely unique over the same field of printing which operates in Um Al Quwain. No wonder; because it the natural reflecting result of our accomplish dedicated highly experienced technicians. The Emirates Modern House for Printing has been established since 1997 we has gained our full confidential trust because of our strategic, plans, and precise procedure which were the concrete aspects of our reached standard of success and common public trust. We have our dual common perception of human and market sources and recourses needs. That is why the Emirates Modern Printing Press has the full ability to survey, conduct, and manage the market’s changing needs accordingly. We do appreciate everybody who has contributed our enormous growing success which is still going up further to parallel the social, business needs.

Hameed Abdul Samad


emhpp Mission
To familiarize our customer’s right to the best high quality and services. With the perception which insures their touchable satisfaction.


Our vision is to provide our customers with the best top quality of prints which matching their paid prices, and which equalizes the value of the received price. It’s also fundamental for us to maintain a good, everlasting and appreciating relation with our customers.